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Bank Restaurant and Bar

Posted by Ray

Bank Restaurant and Bar

Downtown Wheaton is one of those Chicago suburbs along the Tracks. Driven years past by the train stations, these old towns have a certain charm to them. We enjoy walking around, and it is fun to support some local businesses that are revitalizing these aging buildings. The Bank Restaurant and Bar is no exception, situated in an ancient remodeled Bank complete with the original vault door (Although in today’s terms wouldn’t keep anything secure), this location is upscale, charming, clean, and modern. Featuring two levels of dining rooms, a fantastic bar and patio, there is room for everyone.

The Service

The service at the Bank Restaurant and Bar was fantastic. We ate on a week night, and volume was low. Our server greeting us quickly, gave us a quick tour of the menu, offered us the house wine special for the evening, and got us off on the right foot. That evening they were featuring some fresh made soups and special items, although I cannot recall what they were. The server’s description was professional, on point, and made me want to try them.

We started for a bottle of house wine, tonight offered for half off. Normally we order an appetizer, but decided to skip it and opt for some soup instead.

The Food

I started with a cup of the potato leek soup ($5.00). Delivered to me was the soup of the day, the mushroom soup. It was good, but not what I ordered. The server recognized this immediately and replaced it. The soup was really great, creamy, hot, I loved the leeks and chunks of potato. It was served with crisp artesian bread, complete with a butter spread. Not sure what was in the spread, but we all loved it.

We ordered several items, My wife had the MexiCali Chicken Salad ($12.95) Spinach Greens, Diced Avocado, Grilled Chicken, Grape Tomatoes & Cilantro Hemp Dressing. She opted for the dressing on the side, since you know, got to watch that waist line. Everything in the salad was fresh, the amount of ingredients were on par, and the dressing was flavorful. The only criticism we had, was it would have been great if the chicken was sliced thinner. With salads, we enjoy getting a little bit of everything in the same bite, and with the large ingredients put in this one, that became a challenge.

Our guests both ordered the Thai Chicken Salad ($12.95) Mixed Greens Tossed with Sugar Snap Peas, Shredded Vegetables & Asian Dressing. They both opted for the dressing on the side. Same goes here with the size of the chicken slices, but otherwise, great job.

Since there are now three salads at this table, someone has to be the man right? I stepped up to the role and ordered “The World’s Best” Pot Roast ($18.95) Raincrow Ranch Grass Fed Pot Roast, Slow Cooked, and Accompanied with Creamy Mashed Potatoes. Well, I couldn’t pass up this option for a few reasons. Number one, it’s the “World’s Best”. Number two, I never pass up pot roast. I’ve got to say, I’m not sure if it is World’s best, but is was probably the best I have ever had a restaurant. The beef was tender, juicy, had really large chunks which I love. What really set it off though was that sauce. They obviously took the juices from roasting, and added a bunch of goodies, one thing seemed to be some type of tomato base. I never had pot roast with a sauce so flavorful, and the tomato (Boy I hope that’s what that was) was just awesome. My only suggestion, is in regards to the potatoes. They tasted great, and they were HOT! So few restaurants get out hot potatoes, but I wish there was more. The ratio between pot roast and potatoes seemed off. Also they were scooped with a disher. I hate that. I’m not eating at a cafeteria. I wish they were piled high didn’t have that perfect roundness to them. But hey, those are just appearance things.

Bank Restaurant and Bar Conclusion

No doubt, there is alot of thought going into this restaurant. The place is beautiful (Even got a tour from our server, that was great) and the food is on par. Next time I visit Wheaton I can’t wait to try some new items.

Keep up the good work.
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