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Big Fatty’s Catering Kitchen

Posted by Ray

Big Fatty’s Catering Kitchen

Big Fatty’s Catering Kitchen, if this wasn’t one of the most interesting restaurants around, then I don’t know what is. I knew this had been around for sometime, but I have been confused by the name, “Catering Kitchen”. Why would I go have a meal in a catering place? Well it turns out, it’s a full fledged restaurant. They certainly offer catering, and I know they do some special catered meals for holidays like Christmas, but that’s not why I’m here, Heck, I don’t know if I have enough area friends to order catering.

I must admit, I’m not the average clientele of Big Fatty’s Catering Kitchen. I do consider myself, well, maybe a bit of a nerd with an edge. That sounds nice. The average patron of this establishment is a bit more hippy, maybe a little edgy, and I’m sure at times, hung over from a little too much partying. Before going we searched the internet for a website to check out the menu. There isn’t one, so we were just in for a surprise I suppose. Of course there was a day a long time ago when there was no internet, so maybe we were going to take a trip down memory lane. It is after all soul food right?

They do have a facebook page with 1.2k fans, and they are quite active on it. There is some really interesting things being said by Big Fatty. A little bit of a turnoff for me, but this may be part of the appeal of this place. It seems they just don’t care what anyone thinks. Here are some of my favorite quotes from their facebook. CAUTION ahead!

yes i did slap a lil baby but it was reachn for the last red bull…and i think it was from karns sooo who cares!! u can’t pimp ugly!

brats with sauerkraut and beer cheese for the famous!! we like crackheads!

oh and i am battn a thousand on leaving my clothes at parties this season…please return my stuff to 5005 kingston pike…liquor goes down and clothes fall off!!

oh, lordy wot happened to the day a girl could get slobber drunk and get a snack, pee,make a friend and score a …-”aww hell, lisa why u gotta act the fool?”

And my favorite…

maybe u peeps don’t know old man haslam the way i do!! cheap bourbon and expensive its not rite to live like the 1 percent!! 2198317 meatloaf for the commoners…lets get rowdy!

I wonder if their meatloaf uses ketchup. I hate that type. Anyways, you get the idea. Alot of good laughs are in this facebook page.

The Restaurant

The restaurant itself is a square room with a small bar in one corner. We sat ourselves at one of the many wooden tables. The chairs seemed to be a bit small, I felt a little bit like sitting at the kid table during family thanksgiving. There are several flat screen tv’s in the corners and over the bar. Seemed like jamaican or Caribbean music was playing at one time. The place seems clean. There was one lady there, and judging from the facebook posts this must be Big fatty? Am I seeing her in the flesh? Should I ask her how she comes up with these crazy facebook posts? She was very loud. Of course the place is constructed of all hard materials, the floor concrete, and wooden tables everyone so there is a bit of an echo. Holy cow though, if I wanted to ease drop on her conversation, I wouldn’t have a choice. You hear everything. While we were eating I noticed a big chalk board where the blue plate special was advertised. They told us about the items on it, but didn’t know it was the blue plate. I found it interesting it didn’t have a price listed. I always feel like no price means beware. As I mention this my friend says well look, your eating on the “Blue Plate Special” plate. How cool! I lifted up my cornbread and under it it says Shoney’s. It was a shoney’s plate! I wonder if they are missing any!
I do like supporting local business though so let’s get on with it.

The Service

The service is fine. Greeted on time, served our beverages, were told about the day’s special, and all the timing of meals, drink refills, and smiles were inserted when appropriate. Nothing revolutionary, but then again, adequate.

The Menu

The menu had alot of variety. I was a little surprised about the prices. All sandwiches or anything served between two buns was 10.95. Alot of items on the menu I felt were over priced, of course we hadn’t eaten yet, so maybe it’s worth it. As long as it’s a good value it will get my thumbs up.

My friend ordered the Crab Cake sandwich ($10.95). Out came a large crab cake with lettuce, a side of spinach, and served between two soft white bread bun halves. The bread was fresh and toasted perfectly. The lettuce crisp, and the creamed spinach was above average. The crab cake itself was average. A bit too dark on the outside.  The actual cake itself was a bit cakey, heavy on the bread crumbs and filler. There was a good flavor of crab present, but just not enough of it.

I ordered the Jerk Chicken (13.95 or 14.95 I cannot remember) served with a choice of two sides, and fresh corn bread. Let’s start with the cornbread. The best I ever had. Had a fantastic flavor, I don’t know what fatty put in there but it was great. Moist, warm, and I loved the slice of butter that melted on top. The fries were crinkle cut fries. I’m not a fry snob, I just want them fresh and hot. No excuse to serve old fries. These things were crispy, hot, and nicely salted. My second side item was the mac and cheese. It was served hot, was just the right amount of cheesy, and was good. I think restaurants seem to have a hard time with this side item, but Fig fatty did a fine job. The main item here was the jerk chicken. The jerk sauce was good, but the chicken was a little boring. I can’t figure out how it was cooked. It wasn’t fried, not sautéed, although it had a little darkness on the bottom. It wasn’t grilled. Maybe it was baked? It seemed as if they took an 6-8oz chicken breast and filleted it twice, giving you three pieces. Also, It seemed like it was marinated for the color was not normal. Maybe it was marinated in the jerk sauce as well. It was OK.

When we were getting ready to go eat there, a coworker asked where I was headed to lunch. I told her. Big Fatty’s Catering Kitchen! She said “So you are a rich crackhead all of a sudden?” I laugh now after eating there, and I know what she means. Prices are a bit high, they cater to a crowd that I am not (nothing against crack heads), and I think the food would be better if I was maybe a little stoned. My overall grade would be average to slightly above. With a slight adjustment in menu price, increasing the perceived value, I think it could be a hit. I wonder how many potential customers don’t even consider spending money there because of the facebook page? I guess we will never know. Meanwhile, I’ll keep checking it out for a daily chuckle.

Check out this great news article on the owner. I wish I read this before we went. She seems like a class act. I certainly hope everything works out for her business.

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