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Mulligans Restaurant

Posted by Ray

Mulligans Restaurant

Mulligans restaurant, never heard of it, but we had a coupon, so why not give it a try.   We did.  We regret it.   I normally like to really review things, but it was so bad it was comical.   Let’s do it anyways.

Since we hadn’t heard of it before, it is a surprise to me that we didn’t check the online reviews first.  On Urban Spoon Mulligans Restaurant has about 70 votes, and a review score of only 50%.   I don’t think I have ever seen a restaurant below the sixties, and I certainly have never dined at one.

The name of the restaurant gave us the impression we were headed to a nice neighborhood Italian place.   From the outside, it looks that way.  Walk inside and throw any expectation out the door.   What is this place?   It’s half bar, half salad buffet, half lunch buffet, half sit down restaurant.   I know, that’s too many halves.   Well this restaurant is too many things.  They have nightly bands which is pretty cool, but starting at 7:00 PM, and our night at 6:30, it is apparent they don’t make their money from the restaurant side.  They should rename the place to Mulligan’s Bar.

Anyways, we walk in and stand by the door.  No one to greet us.  No signage, no nothing.  We felt like idiots, wondering do we seat ourselves?   Do we wait here?  We waiting for a few minutes and a guy walked over.   I asked if it was seat your self at the open bar table and he said sure.  So we headed over.


First Impressions of Mulligans Restaurant

When we sat down the band started playing, kind of cool, but still very weird that this was happening in a restaurant, at this time being only 6:30 PM.  Looking around the place is really weird.  They have an open kitchen, completely visible, but it seems they don’t want you to look in.  They have crafted a hodge-podge wall of chalk boards, and banners to block most of the view.   All you can see is the floor back there.   So weird.  It’s like they are trying to hide something.   Wonder what they are hiding….  Around the rest of the bar area were more banners, one advertising the upcoming bands, one problem, the date was two weeks ago, other banners that really made no sense and didn’t fit in.   Everything is so dusty, un-kept, seems things are just thrown anywhere, and even their little trophy case thing with autographed basketballs and stuff looked sad.

We sat at a dirty table, and after waiting some time for our server, she finally came by.  We asked for menus and for her to wipe the table.   She was not friendly, didn’t crack a smile, only did the minimum.  And it was SLOW.  Now let’s be honest, the speed isn’f her fault.  She was the only server for the whole bar area, which was pretty full.  Not to mention she was the bartender, the busser, and everthing else.   Her service was down right atrocious, consistent with others that have reviews the restaurant online.   The only thing I can truly blame her for is her un-friendly demeaner.   If your busy, it doesn’t take you any time to smile.

We finally got out menus, had to ask twice and finally about ten minutes after sitting had the table wiped.  I won’t critique the service any more, since it is management’s fault she was working alone.   There was a manager/owner maybe there, very visible, but seemed very unaware of the horrible service etc.   She was seen just walking around.  When we got our menus, my menu was missing a whole side.

Entrees at Mulligans Restaurant

Service is slow, we dare not order any appetizers, so we decide to order a spaghetti bolognese (~$12) and their ravioli in Marinara sauce (~$12).  I was hoping the service was the only thing bad.  But it turns out everything is horrible.   We received our entrees, the spaghetti bolognese, normally cooked with beef, sausage, and diced veggies like carrots and onions.  Don’t forget lots of cheese too.   Well, this was crappy marinara sauce, with ground beef.  Mr Gatti’s has a much better meat sauce.  On their menu is says melted mozzarella cheese on top, while not traditional sounds good.  Mine was served without the cheese.  I mentioned it to the server, she seemed confused.   I showed her the menu and she said the kitchen must have forgotten it.    The menu also mentions home made bread.  When our food came out, I asked about it.  She said she could put some in the oven but it takes awhile.   It takes so long we never got any.

The raviolis were stuffed full, a little basic on flavor, and the marinara sauce was really weird.   It’s like they took tomatoes, ran them thru a processor to chop them up in little tiny peices, and forgot to let it stew.  Marinara needs to cook down a bit.  Bring out the flavors.  It really sucked, and your hearing from a guy that will say ragu is good.

We left the Mulligan’s Restaurant trying to come up with some good things to say about it.  We came up with a few.  Cheap lite beer, they have lots of bands, and nothing else.  This being the second local restaurant in two weeks that has really disappointed (See the other one here), I hope we can find a good one soon.

Note to owners.   Hire more staff, schedule more people, and if you are running short, step in a pick up the slack.  Clean your restaurant, and focus on food quality.

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