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Restaurant Linderhof

Posted by Ray

Restaurant Linderhof

Two times, let’s make it a third! Visiting restaurant Linderhof has been fantastic.  I feel like I am a bit picky when it comes to eating out. However, I am forgiving. I know what it takes to run a restaurant, and some of the challenges that exist for an operator.

Restaurant Linderhof, It really is something special, especially for Knoxville

My wife and I have dined here twice, each time the food was just fantastic. Each meal is served with a salad and fresh baked bread. The bread has atleast three different selections to choose from, and the salad was a bit, well let’s say authentic.
Featuring red cabbage, red potatoes, and other goodies, it is the perfect first plate. My wife ordered a fantastic pork chop that was smoked, had a flavor and consistency more like ham, and I have tried the Pork cutlet, breaded and pan fried into a crazy flavorful not to mention tender dish, and on my second visit, I tried the Ungarisches Gulyas. Not sure if I spelt that right, which reminds me, I couldn’t pronounce anything on this menu! This dish was basically a beef pot roast in a hungarian sauce, I ordered mine with a side of mashed potatoes. The beef was served hot, smothered in that tasty sauce they created, and it had a hint of spice, perhaps from paprika or a something similar. I wouldn’t call it spicy, but I would call it super tasty.

Restaurant Linderhoff has been in Farragut TN for years, and I never even knew it was there. I recommend giving them a try. Be sure to make reservations, they have a samll dining room, and you might have to wait to be seated. Some comment that the service is slow. If you find yourself in a hurry, this isn;t for you, but if you want a fantastic meal and want to spend time with friends and family without being rushed, then you must go.

I would also like to thank Chef Michael Pfeffer, one of the chefs there. He happened to come out to the dining room to check on some of his guests, he stopped by our table and gave us some if his “Chef” secrets, not that we could ever recreate any of this at home. His executive chef and kitchen staff, of course the servers as well really do a great job! Restaurant Linderhof is on this picky eater’s top 10 list.

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