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Tomato Head Brunch

Posted by Ray

Tomato Head Brunch

Tomato Head Brunch, Yum…

About the Restaurant

Tomato head has been around for awhile. Started in 1990, there is no doubt they have made some changes thru out the years. I have always known they were around, they have been mentioned numerous times in local publications and always seem to win quite a few food awards from area contests. I shamefully admit, I had never dined there until today, New year’s day 2013!  Time to get some Tomato Head Brunch.

We rang in the new year rather low key, and sept in until about 10 A.M., which is much later than normal for us. To kick off the new year right, we thought he would go have some brunch, the challenge was finding a brunch on a Tuesday. He found two restaurants, but having always wanted to try the tomato head, we called up friend, and the three of us met around 11:30.

We chose their new location at the Gallery on Kingston pike, which was a former Sliver Spoon restaurant. They have done a great job of renewing the space, making it open and modern. I loved the large glass wall separating the kitchen from the dining room, and everything looked modern and clean. The place has a certain hippy vibe to it, featuring alot of fresh organics, art gallery type paintings on the walls, and the entire staff wears whatever they want. Kind of fun. They were staffed for a busy day, seemed as if they had 100 employees there. Well not really that many, but there was alot.

We were promptly greeted and our beverages were served. Our server was friendly and efficient, however they get one strike from me. We specifically went for brunch, and on their website they had featured a few special items. There was no mention of this by my the server, we had to ask. She promptly told us what they were, and I chose to try their brunch special item, the Monte Cristo.

The Food

My Monte Cristo sandwich was delivered as advertised, two pieces of french toast forming the base and top, and in the middle a slice of ham and cheese. The french toast was created with fresh, multigrain bread, and everything was served hot. I must admit, my only issue was my perceived value. For the price point of nearly $9, I felt the sandwich should have had some more guts to it, and the side of fruit was more garnish, than side item. Of course the number one New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, I suppose I could jump on that wagon, and this normally very unhealthy sandwich, didn’t make me feel bad about eating it.



The other two items ordered was Gorgonzola and Roasted Onion Sandwich, and the Oh Boy Sandwich.
The Oh Boy, I love the name, features crisp bacon, spinach, sundried tomato, jack cheese, chicken, and poppyseed dressing. The dressing was fantastic, the sandwich served warm, and all the ingredients melded together to make an oh boy sandwich quite tasty. The bread was obviously fresh baked and very good.  Perhaps the bread to goodies ratio could be adjusted a bit.   (Hint: more stuff between the buns!)


The story is a bit redundant at this point, the Gorgonzola and Roasted onion sandwich was served on fresh baked bread, with roast beef, roasted onions, gorgonzola cheese, and tomato. We chose chips with this sandwich.





It is apparent that alot of thought goes into their menu, the ingredients and the preparation. The tomato head is doing a great job, and it shows with their recent expansion. I must admit I am meat and Potatoes type of guy, but this is a place I will return to soon. (As soon as I hit up the other hundred or so restaurants in Knoxville!)

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